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  • Clean Delay Wide+ EQ+ Maximas (Future Female Vocals)
  • Compression+ LowEnd-Boost (Deeper Prescence)
  • Delay Wide+ EQ+ EQ (EDM Thick Vocals)
  • Delay Wide+ Reverb Wide+ 2EQ (Vocal Surround)
  • Delay+ Reverb+ EQ Effect (Singing In The Shower)
  • Delay+ Vocoder+ Reverb (Saw Chord Vocals)
  • Effector x 3+ Reverb+ EQ (Walkie Talkie Vocal)
  • EQ+ Softie+ EQ+ EQ+ Maximus (Increased Clarity)
  • Reverb+ EQ+ SoftClipper (Vocal Cleaner)
  • Roll Off EQ+ Compression+ SoftClipper (Simple Clean Vocals)
  • Stereo+ Compression+ Reverb+ Softie (Super Stereo Vocals)
  • WaveShaper+ Vocoder+ Compression (Blown Through Amp)
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