• EQ+ Compressor+ Stereo Enhancement+ Reverb (Guitars and Strings)
  • EQ+ Limiter+ Maximas (Low End Roll Off)
  • EQ+ Soft Clipper+ Reverb+ Compressor (Simple and Clean)
  • EQ+ Soft Clipper+ Reverb+ Saturation (Tape Saturation Controller)
  • EQ+ Stereo+ Compressor+ EQ+ Maximus (Controlled EDM Master)
  • EQ+Compression+Master
  • EQ+De-Esser+Reverb+Master
  • EQ+Master
  • Light Air Master
  • Lo-Fi VHS Saturation
  • Soft-Clipper+Limiter (High End Expansion)
  • Synthwave VHS Saturation


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